Whole House Water Filtration

How Much Cash You Save By Drinking Filtered Water?

Whenever it comes to tap water, the UAE is not like Europe, India, or North America. The practice of drinking directly from the tap is uncommon. Even screening your taps is not a common practice. Just plain bottled water is popular.

In a previous report, the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company said that the typical water usage rate in the UAE is 550 litters per day, as opposed to the global average of 170-300 litters per person per day. This figure includes personal, domestic, industrial, and agricultural use. As a result, the UAE uses three times water as the global sustainable water usage index. It is regarded as being among the highest in the entire planet.

Residents of the UAE have a costly habit that dates back many years to their dependence on bottled water. Growing up in the UAE, I was constantly warned not to drink from the faucet by my parents, school, and just about anybody else. All I was informed was that it was not clean, but no one went into great detail as to why. It turns out that the tap water in the UAE is completely pure. This is the truth that the regional governments have acknowledged over the years. But there are particular measures that must be performed.

Gulf News was informed by Dubai Municipality

Gulf News was informed by Dubai Municipality Company that has been accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre shall cleanse and flush the storage tanks and pipe system. In a lab accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre, samples must be collected, analysed for drinkable water characteristics, and deemed acceptable.

The need to clean water tanks has existed for 14 years, and nothing has changed. According to the Food Regulations, filtered tap water offered by a hotel or restaurant must be secure. This prerequisite is also not new. Whether it is for bottles or ice, the water must be potable, according to the rule. Remember that ice is made in equipment that uses tap water. Alternately, you could just install a filter system and use that to consume water. Let's first decide how much water we will be consuming each day before getting into the arithmetic.

Cost of Water Filter Unit

In this case study, we picked the water treatment company Water club as an example because it is one of the water filtration that is highlighted on the app. The full setup costs Dh 1,499 if you want a permanently filtering system in your home. You will require the one year free guarantee included with this since you must change the filtration every six months. Once the first year is up, you will then pay Dh500 each year, which includes free filter adjustments every six months and covers you in case of harm.

Price of bottled water

In UAE budget food stores, a case of 12 branded 500mL bottles of drinking water costs on average Dh12. The cost per bottle is Dh1. If you use bottles to drink your water, a day will cost you on around Dh3, which translates to about Dh90 per month.

In many UAE homes and workplaces, a device with a 5-gallon plastic bottle is the most popular way to consume water. Initial costs for the 5-gallon water bottle include the dispenser as well. The average price per dispenser is Dh450. Once you have the dispenser, you can select the water provider of your choice.