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Instantly transform your ordinary water into clean, safe & extraordinary water

Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System with UV Filter

Enjoy safe, delicious water all throughout your home, The filters reduce sediment, particulate, and chlorine taste and odor while the UV lamp inactivates harmful bacteria and viruses like E Coli, salmonella, and legionella and more time enjoying the refreshing taste of clean safe water.

Aqua Whole House Filter – 3 Stage Home Water Filtration System – Sediment and Carbon Filters

Get clean, healthy water from the whole house water filtration system from every tap in your home by reducing chlorine, sediments, lead, mercury, pesticides, VOCs, and major contaminants. Three stages of water filtration give you makes clean water for cooking, showering, and anything else Stage 1: Removes salts, sand & Sediments Stage 2: Removes Chlorine and odor Stage 3: Clear the color of water and more filter the water at 1Micron level.
Any time you customize your water filtration system for the ultimate solution

Available Upgrades

best water softener

water softener

Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water

ultraviolet UV protection filter

UV Filter

UV Filter Removes 99.99% bacteria and viruses for safe, worry-free water throughout your entire home.

best water softener

Filters & Kits

Upgrades for every Aqua Hygiene systems, this kit includes even more durable Filters,components and a bypass loop for filter replacements.

whole house water filter


Clean, healthy water throughout your home.

Protect your plumbing from scale buildup. Filtration extends the life of your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher and more.

Bathe yourself in filtered water for noticeably healthier, more moisturized skin and hair.

Chlorine can make clothes look older faster. Save your closet (and wallet) with filtered water.

Aqua Hygiene-filtered water won’t turn you into an instant chef, but it might leave friends wondering about your best-kept secret.

Whole Home Water Filters for Clean, Healthy Water from Every Tap

Aqua Hygiene’s whole-house water filter system is a complete solution designed for reducing harmful contaminants from all the water sources of the house. Through whichever water source you consume water, we have a solution. We offer a filter filtration system designed to purify municipal water. We have 3 stages Whole house carbon filter, and Ion exchange full-house water filter systems to clean municipality water. We also have a UV option for a full house water filtration system specially designed to protect your whole family from viruses.

Our whole house water filtration system is easy to maintain and includes a sediment pre-filter to catch every tiny particle of rust, silt, and all kinds of sediments present in the water. This purified water then goes through another round of cleaning. The water is passed through two filters: an activated carbon filter and another GAC granular activated carbon filter or ion exchange filter. Aqua Hygiene’s home water filter system is exclusively researched and built with advanced technology to effectively reduce harmful chemical compounds such as pesticides and water-soluble metals through the filter's nanotechnology to regain the health of the water.

The Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System

The benefit of investing in a whole home water filter system is tremendous, you get healthy water from every tap in the house, which means clean water for every activity around the house pure water available for cooking, cleaning, laundry, bathing, drinking, and everything else. Our whole home water filtrations systems (Carbon filter, sediment, and Ion exchange Filter) are clinically tested to reduce chlorine, chlorine odor, sediment, and other hard mineral content in the water by up to 97%, and other harmful chemicals present in the municipality water. Aqua Hygiene’s water filter systems are the result of extensive research keeping in mind the health of customers through water safety. Here are some incredible benefits you receive through Aqua Hygiene’s water filter systems.

• Reduce all water contaminants.
• Increase hair and skin health
• Improve the base water for food prep and drinks to enhance flavor
• Provide safe and hygienic water for pets and plants
• Improve water quality indoors through clean and contaminant-free water

Upgrade Your Whole House Filter System

You can upgrade your whole house unit by adding a water softener for scale prevention free of harsh chemicals or salt or add a UV filter upgrade for bacteria and virus protection. Our professionals install or upgrade your system, with a larger pre-filter, and a post-filter that catches any remaining sediment or carbon fines that may have passed through filtration. For added protection, combine a whole-house water filter system with a drinking water system.

You have the option to upgrade Aqua Hygiene’s water filter system by the addition of a multimedia Water system to prevent scale buildup from chemicals and salt or a UV filter to add an extra layer of water protection against Bacteria and viruses.
We offer Free installations of our water filtration system that comes with pre-filter and post-filters. These filters have long-term life and work to catch any sediments and carbon particles that might have skipped through filtration. For an additional layer of water, safety combines the whole house water system with a drinking water filter system

Choosing a whole house water filter system for your home is an important decision to make for your and your family's health. If you have questions about installation or which filter system is right for you, call/WhatsApp us at (971)56 808 5928 or Email: