Best shower filter for hard water

The best shower head filters for hard water will improve your physical appearance. Hard water is tough on your skin, and it makes it look dry. And when you use it to wash your hair, you dull the hair’s color. But using a showerhead that softens the water gives you the possibility to improve your skin’s and hair’s look without installing a whole-home filtering system.

A shower filter attaches to your showerhead to remove contaminants from the water it disperses. These filters are individually installed, so you can choose to place them in as many or few bathrooms as you'd like. Shower filters work by acting as a net to catch contaminants before spraying clean water from the showerhead. You can also reduce contaminants from your shower and bath water by using a Whole House Filter System to give you clean, healthy water from every faucet in your home.

Benefits of Shower Water Filter Systems

Remove chlorine and other chemical contaminants, making the water much less harsh and leaving your skin and hair feeling significantly softer

Washing with hard water will make your skin dry and weaken your hair. Shower water filters soften the water, making it healthier. Washing with soft water will improve the aspect of your hair and skin.

A shower filter will block most of the viruses and bacteria in the water from reaching your body. The showerhead itself can sometimes act as a perfect location for breeding bacteria. The showerhead is a warm and moist place, so bacteria might prosper in it. Using a showerhead filter will kill the bacteria before they start to reproduce.

Certain chemicals can eventually find their way into your water. Substances like pesticides, herbicides, and different pharmaceuticals can be commonly found in water, and they can really be harmful to your health

Aqua Hygiene-filtered water won’t turn you into an instant chef, but it might leave friends wondering about your best-kept secret.

Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

Tap water has unsafe amounts of chlorine and synthetic chemicals that are harsh on skin and hair. These contaminants are harmful to natural hair color and strip off the shine and strength of hair causing brittleness and loss of hair. Feel the true difference in water quality through Aqua Hygiene’s whole house water filter system which reduces chlorine levels up to 99.9% and other contaminants for stronger and shinier hair.

Most of the available shower filters are ineffective due to the use of old technology that prevents water from effectively being purified. They do a poor job of contaminants removal because of ineffective technology. Here are some things to look out for when getting a shower filter for yourself and your loved ones.

Premium quality shower filters

The performance of shower filters depends on two factors
Effectiveness: how well the water is filtered and purified by the shower head.
Flow rate: how quickly water is filtered without disruption in water flow.
Many manufacturers neglect one of these two factors to focus on the other, so having knowledge about both is necessary.
Lookout for a filter that has the capacity to clean 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) showerheads to ensure continuous water pressure. Also, check the water filter is designed to remove chlorine and other kinds of water contaminants.

Aqua hygiene’s water filter system exceeds in performance in both critical factors. The Aqua Hygiene shower filter is suitable for 2.5 GPM to go with your existing unit. It uses a sustainable natural coconut shell-based carbon to filter out maximum contaminants while the copper/ Zinc media helps to maintain a healthy PH balance.

Great Design

Shower filters are separately visible when installed, so we offer multiple designs and colors to match the aesthetic of your existing shower.
You can get different color options and functionality to relax and unwind properly. Whether you choose to keep the old one or swap your old unit with a new set includes a white-colored or chrome-colored massage wand for a completely synchronized experience.
Design is related to performance, so choose a shower filter carefully if you want an up-flow system to prevent clogging and proper water channeling. To increase water contact time with media, use an up-flow design for a quick and effective filtration process offering continuous flow.

Choose a long-lasting filter that is convenient to install and replace when necessary. Avoid excessive plumber fees and wait time by choosing a filter that can be self-administered and attached to the outside shower pipe with easy replacement

Aqua Hygiene’s shower filters are built for the long term and last more than 6 months with easy installation.
Do you get tired of keeping track of the replacement time of filters? Learn how Aqua Hygienes’s water-for-life delivery program can help to replace filters on time through an automated system without having to worry about late replacements and high prices. We take the worry from you and give back pure and clean water at the best prices.