Water is the lifeline of any home. Beyond drinking it, we use it to bathe, cook, and clean things like dishes and clothes. That makes having clean, quality water all the more important. Depending on the source of the water, it can contain various degrees of harmful contaminants like chemicals, sediments, and organic matter. Even treated water sources from cities and towns might not be in the best condition. This is where a home water filter system can be handy. These systems take the water that enters your home from a single source and treat it to remove these various harmful contaminants. When buying one, you should think about the source of your water and likely contaminants you may find. Some systems treat things like lead or iron better than others. For hard sediments like calcium, you will also want something with a built-in water softener using salt or a salt-free process. Finally, if you want to retain some of the healthy minerals in the water, which can be beneficial for drinking or cooking, keep an eye out for options with a remineralization process. check out our wide range of Drinking Water Filter Systems

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