Reverse Osmosis

Top 10 Advantages of Water Purifiers

The most fundamental substance needed for human living is water. It can be said that pure is nothing less than a medicine because consuming the recommended amount of water on daily basis can help avoid many illnesses and permit us to live a healthy life. Let's examine at the healthy advantages of water consumption on daily basis.

Access to clean and healthy drinking Water Purifiers

By having water purifiers in your homes, we can always count on receiving clean and healthy drinking water when you need it.
Removal of bacteria

The use of reverse osmosis RO and ultra filtration UF technologies in water purifiers makes it easier to get rid of any existent illnesses microbes. These techniques are included in the RO water purifiers made by Aqua Hygiene.

Removing dissolved solids

Water is not fit for drinking if there are soluble substances present. These dilute substances are removed by water purifiers, making the water suitable to drink. The TDS Controller in water purifier of Aqua Hygiene's products aids in the reduction of nearly 90% of overall dissolved solids.

Elimination of harmful metal contaminants

Water purifiers are also excellent in removing toxic metal pollutants. The greatest water purifiers in this regard are reverse osmosis RO systems.

Mineral storage is crucial

Many people might believe that while the water is being purified, the vital minerals may also be lost. On the other hand, current technology has the necessary mechanisms to keep the vital minerals in the water. This improves the flavour and sweetness of the cleaned water. The Essential Minerals Technology in RO water purifiers aids in the storage of important nutrients.

Iron removal from water purifiers

Iron in water imparts a disagreeable metallic aftertaste. Water filters with iron removers almost entirely remove iron to solve this issue.

Low maintenance

Since there is no tedious effort required to maintain water purifiers, using one is now hassle-free. Aqua hygiene's RO systems are a fantastic option in this regard because they require less upkeep.

High storage capacity

A water purifier's high storage capacity means that it can hold a large amount of material. This guarantees that water is accessible whenever it is needed. Aqua Hygiene's RO system has a storage capacity of roughly 8 to 9 litres, ensuring a steady supply of water throughout the day.

High-speed filtration capacity

The volume of water that can be filtered in an hour, or the filtration capacity, is a crucial component of any water purifier since the more time that can be saved, the higher the filtration capacity.

More affordable

The most frequent concern when purchasing a water purifier is how cost-effective the device would be. Numerous studies have been done that demonstrate that a water filter is more cost-effective than purchasing bottled water. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a water filter over bottled water because the latter is neither economical nor environmentally beneficial because it produces a lot of plastic trash.