Whole House Water Filtration

Frequently Asked Questions About Whole House Water Filters

whole house water filter

Individuals frequently ask us queries about whole-house filters. We occasionally find ourselves assisting the viewers of our website in their evaluation of products that we do not even sell since Aqua Hygiene has a helping mindset for consumers when it comes to technical support!

A Whole House Water Filter: What Is It?

A whole house filter, as its name implies, is put on an apartment's main water source, processing all water that enters the building, including water used for laundry, lawn watering, and toilet flushing.

What Should I Budget For Whole House Water Filter?

Products advertised as whole-home water filtration systems might cost anywhere from AED 500 and AED 13,700. These devices normally require a qualified plumber for implementation because they are placed on the main water supply pipe, which can significantly increase the cost of the system as a whole. For the whole home filtration systems, changing cartridges can also add significantly to the cost. Whole house devices filter all incoming water, so cartridges must be changed more often than if they were used in a point-of-use application.

What Is the Efficiency of Whole House Water Filters?

Chemical Diversion

You often get what you buy when it comes to whole-house water filtration. The majority of whole-house devices are not made to eliminate items like chloramines, arsenic, disinfectant by-products, or lead; instead, they are made to process vast amounts of water for softening and chlorine elimination. A high-end whole-home product will likely function as promised if you spend some thousands of dollars on it, pay for professional installation by a plumber, and replenish the filtration media as directed. Simply check to see if the device is built to filter the pollutants you wish to get rid of. We have spoken to customers who spent thousands of dollars on whole-house filters only to discover later that they do not even remove lead! The majorities of cheap whole house filters are only capable of removing particles from the water and are ineffective at eliminating soluble pollutants. The possibility of bacteria growing in all pipelines downstream of the filter is introduced if chlorine is removed from the water entering your household at the entry point. This happens because the filter eliminates the disinfectant.

Impact of Flow Rate on Water Pressure

A whole house filter may operate as a choke point for the water supply, so you should also think about how it may affect your apartment's water pressure. If the dishwashing is on and somebody is using the bathroom sink, you do not want to find yourself in a position in which there is not enough water pressure to take a bath. Be careful to consider the fact that single stage whole house filters cartridges silt up with time and the water pressure might drop significantly over the course of the filter's lifespan. Your apartment's water requirement can be calculated with the assistance of a competent plumber, which will allow you to choose the appropriate filtration system for your main supply of water.

How Effective Are Whole House General Purpose Water Filters?

It is impossible to create a whole-house water filter that removes all impurities from your water. You must filter at the point of usage to achieve that level of filtration. Whole house filtration is appropriate in some situations. We have introduced a whole-house water filter with sulfur removal capabilities.

End Word

The water in use for drinking, washing dishes, cooking, and taking showers in your house can be filtered by Aqua Hygiene point-of-use filtering devices. We are able to provide customers with strong water filtration devices that are less expensive than the competitors and do not necessitate a plumber to implement since we are committed to these applications.