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How Hard Water Can Affect Your Baby’s Skin?

How Hard Water Can Affect Your Baby’s Skin?

Since the world came into being water is always an essential part of life, the existence of life without water is said to be impossible. Water always benefits us in many ways but will you believe me if I say that sometimes water can be harmful to you! Even the water you think it's fine to consume is actually causing you harm. I know this is very tough to accept but this is a fact.

In this piece of writing information, I will be sharing some disadvantages of such water on your health and your loved ones. Particularly I will tell you about the harms it poses to your baby. When it comes to your baby’s care, I am sure you will never compromise on that but it can impact your baby’s health. We at Aqua Hygiene just not talk about issues but we also offer solutions. The question raised here is that how can we treat your water that can be purified from all harmful impurities and it is useful for your baby’s consumption?

Before getting into detail we should know how such type of water is not suitable for babies or their sensitive skin.

Effects of Hard Water on Baby’s Skin

As we all know water is mainly divided into two categories hard and soft water. Soft water is said to be the purest and healthiest water to consume, which is free from all types of harmful impurities. The other type of water consists of many soluble and insoluble impurities in it.  A huge amount of calcium, magnesium, and iron are found after testing the water which causes harm to your baby’s sensitive skin. Let’s talk more about skin issues it can cause.

Causes Dry Skin:

Daily use of such water disturbs your baby's skincare system so it results in skin dryness. A newly born or your toddler’s skin is very sensitive and it has the capacity to take away the natural texture, smoothness, and shine from the skin. You will get confused that even after washing it properly your baby will have dry skin. It is because some of the impurities are left on the skin which impacts natural oils damage.

Worsen Skin Ailments:

If your baby is already suffering from any skin issues, then it works as fuel on the fire and it will only make the skin issue worse. The presence of magnesium and calcium in water worsen skin’s natural conditions.

Disturbs Skin’s pH Value:

With the use of it, you will never get the proper foam from soap. To get that foam from soap we apply more and more soap on our skins or on your baby’s skin it disturbs the pH level of your skin as well as your baby’s skin.

Causes Marks on Skin

The use of the hard type of water can also cause blemishes, marks, rashes, flaking, and itching on your baby’s skin.

These were some of the major health-related issues that a baby can suffer by the use of such water but it never means that your baby has to suffer always. Aqua Hygiene is providing all types of water solutions so that you can take care of your water’s quality and your family’s health.

The solution is the key

Sometimes you might not be so lucky to change your water resource but can do something to make the same hard water into soft water with help of a water softener product. The suitable choice of using a water softener is the best solution, converting water to soft water. It will ensure that the water touching your baby’s sensitive skin is impurity-free and beneficial.

If you are willing to avoid any kind of skin troubles then you have to use a water softener to make soft water out of it. Aqua Hygiene water filter provides a wide product range of Water Softeners for the “Most Gentle Care” of your little ones’ skin because you cannot compromise on your baby’s health.

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