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How to Choose the Right Water Purifier?

How to Choose the Right Water Purifier?

When it comes to family caring for your family, you avoid all kinds of mistakes and compromises. Knowing that your family is using contaminated water you do not want to make any mistake in selecting the right water purifier for your family. It is not easy we can understand how tough it is to select the best product according to your needs and the quality of your water. Moreover, you also check if the product is economical and not expensive regarding its maintenance. Water purifiers are changing with the change in technologies and selecting suitable technology to be in your water purifier is another decision as well. If you are planning to buy the best water purifier and you are just confused. In that case, our Buyers Guide will help you to choose a suitable Water Purifier according to your water needs.

How to select Water Purifier for home

In this piece of writing I will be sharing some major points that you can check before buying any water purifier:

Water Quality

As I already mentioned above that first of all you need to check the water quality of your tap water. If the water in your area has a high amount of impurities in it and the level of hardness is high, in that case, you need an RO water purifier. RO water purifiers come with an osmosis membrane, which removes all the dissolved and insoluble impurities.

Types of Water Purifiers

The market is full of water products but getting the right product is the main concern. Our team of water testing experts can arrange your water test saving you from trouble. The next thing is when you know the exact quality of your tap water; you will need a basic understanding of different technologies that are applied in the water purifiers nowadays. After that, you will have a variety of options to select or consider such as RO, UV, and UF (gravity-based) technology water purifying products. Talking about technologies let’s have a quick eye on their work.

How to Choose the Right Water Purifier?

RO Water Purifiers

Reverse Osmosis water purifiers are best for those areas that have high TDS levels in their tap water. A RO purifier is able to remove all kinds of metals such as fluoride and arsenic. It can also remove toxic impurities from your tap water.

UV Water Purifiers

Ultraviolet water purifier basically uses a high voltage UV lamp that helps to disinfects water and removes impurities from water. One drawback of these purifiers is that they are useless in removing soluble impurities from your tap water.



Talking about the contaminants that are found usually in water are bacteria, nitrate, pesticides, and lead. Your tap water can be tested in any laboratory to check the exact amount and quality of your water. In case your resource water is very low in quality and consists of the high amount of impurities in it you should get a RO+UV+UF water filtration system.

Storage Capacity

Storage is also a factor you should keep in mind while selecting a water purifier. In case you are living in such an area which faces an electricity shortage you have to get a water purifier with more storage capacity.

Product Maintenance and After Sales Services

Once you are done with selecting suitable water purifying product you have to make sure that you are getting all the information regarding its maintenance and its service after you buy it. Some products frequently need service and lots of money is spent on their maintenance, these products can only cause trouble.

These are some main factors to keep in mind while buying any water purifier for your home or workplace. We are facing many challenges as the amount of pollution is increasing day by day. To ensure clean and healthy for all we keep on checking our technologies.  AQUA HYGIENE water purifiers remove impurities in the water to make it safe for consumption. If you want to know more about the range of water purifiers from AQUA HYGIENE