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Tap Water In Dubai Safe For Drinking?

As we live in a progressive world now and with the increase in population our atmosphere as well as its components is getting polluted. Pollution is not just affecting our air but it is also contaminating our water sources natural and artificial too. Dubai is also facing same troubles regarding water pollution and water contamination so the people who are curious about their water ask us if the tap water in Dubai safe for drinking or not?

In this piece of writing I will talk about the water pollutants and how tap water in Dubai is not safe for drinking at least not without processing it. First of all we will go through the fact that no matter how organic or natural resource water are you using it has amount of contaminants and minerals in it sometimes in less quantity and sometimes in larger quantities. The main reason of this is the industrial waste and toxins that are added to natural water resources so the water will take away the chemical contaminants as drain. This is the most dangerous thing that we are doing to our natural water resources because these water resources are main source of irrigation in agriculture and for needs of living being turning natural water into poison is a worse thing we can do but still we are doing it or somehow being part of it.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have such natural water bodies near our cities or town so people in these areas get water by drilling the earth in that case different qualities of water are examined. In different areas the salt saturation ratio in the water is different. It differs with the drilling area in which we are trying to get water from as well as the level to which we drill to get to the water table. Usually water is found by this process but the under earth water table is also decreasing so sometimes we do not find water. The water we get by this process is not drinkable without processing it for drinking purposes due to higher amount of salts. So getting the found water tested is the best solution to know what kind of water treatment is needed before making it drinkable.

One more thing that is noticed is the presence of rust in water in high amount the zinc is dangerous for health and the main source of zinc addition in water is the old and rusty pipelines. When water reacts with these pipes and the aging of pipeline causes rust in it and so the health of the water is compromised. As I say we are living in the era of technology and with its help we can make impossible possible. If human brain figured out a way to process ocean water in to drinking water, there are more ways and treatments to process water at home level as well as industrial level but just make sure that the water you are drinking is healthy and pure for your well being.