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5 Benefits of Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems

5 Benefits of Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis RO is said to be the most efficient form of treating water according to the latest technology. Ro water filters clear the maximum amount of contaminants whatever they are, from your drinking water.

Reverse osmosis can help you to achieve the pure results that you are looking for. Under-sink reverse osmosis systems as by name showing that they are installed underneath the kitchen counter or its sink. Moreover, I will share five main benefits of under sink reverse osmosis systems in your house or workplace.

Removes the Most Contaminants

Reverse osmosis systems help you to remove up to 90% of contaminants. You can always enjoy pure, healthy contaminant-free water with RO systems.

There is no doubt that reverse osmosis removes more water contaminants than any other water filtration method or technology. Harmful contaminants like lead, bacteria, chlorine, and sodium are just a few names from the list of harmful contaminants. As the filtration removes all the unwanted and harmful contaminants from your ordinary water, its reverse osmosis membrane also removes your useful and healthy minerals up to 90%. Considering the fact that water is not the only source of minerals for you in your daily routine. Even if you drink a bathtub full of water you will only get the 10% mineral source from it. Water is important but it is not a sufficient source for your body. There are more important things to notice while selecting the water you drink. There is an approximate list of thirty-five thousand types of harmful contaminants in your water that is the point to ponder. According to a study shared by the world health organization, they say the percentage of healthy minerals that are removed by reverse osmosis water systems are not healthy are poses a great danger to health in the long term.

Meanwhile, science is working on it and shares the worry that the fewer amounts of minerals in water can put a negative impact on the minerals that you get from your diet for your body.

Purified Water is Always Available

In some water filter technologies, the processed water is stored and the unit rests for the time till the tank gets empty or starts after taking a break. With under-sink reverse osmosis systems, you can have purified processed water 24/7.

Lower Price Point

If you are willing to stay on budget and get the best quality purified water, we at Aqua Hygiene suggest you buy a traditional under sink reverse osmosis system with a water tank. This product may cost you around AED 800 to AED 2500. Its maintenance and service are also very easy and cheap.

Easy to Maintain

Talking about the maintenance and service of under sink reverse osmosis water I will share that there are no virtual efforts that are needed for reverse osmosis maintenance. If you talk about filters you have to change them after six years and the reverse osmosis membrane lasts for at least two years.

Reduces Plastic Waste

Under-sink reverse osmosis systems are cheap and more environmentally friendly in use. This helps you to avoid plastic water bottles and thus you are individually contributing to reducing plastic from society.

As an end word, I will say that as our aim and goal we try to guide people about the importance of clean, healthy, and pure water. We do not emphasize products we share the technologies that are working to help you, to aid you to get better water for your daily hydration and washing needs. If you are willing to know more visit our other blogs and product pages if you are willing to get a new water solution or planning to get a quote.

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