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Water Conditioner And Water Softener

Our customers are usually confused among two of the water solutions that we offer, water softener and water conditioner. In Dubai and UAE hard water is the main issue of almost every person. On a daily basis, people are trying to overcome the issue at their level. To address the issue of hard water there are many solutions, Aqua Hygiene offers a variety of water products to convert your hard water into soft water for your daily use.

I will be sharing information about our two main water treatment products first one is a water softener and the second one is a water conditioner. Wait for a second! How will you what kind of water treatment do you need actually? The facts mentioned below will surely help you to clear your mind and water.

Water Softener

A water softener is a water treatment product that uses salt to clear your water from minerals in it. Hard water usually deposits minerals on the walls of the container after it is heated. Let’s get to know about the process.

Hard water is composed when the quantity of minerals such as calcium and magnesium rises in them. The use of salt-based water softener, it tries to clear the excessive amounts of minerals present in hard water. After the whole process is done it gives you healthy and pure water to consume.

Many people interested in chemistry know very well that Sodium ions have a positive charge and the same charge is present in the ions of magnesium and calcium.  The reason that they are positively charged ions these ions attract to water rather than attract to other chemicals present in water. Only treating such charged ions with salt is not enough and for that further process is done.

Water softeners have a bed of tiny, negatively-charged salts and they try to attract the positively-charged chemical ions in the water. Magnesium and calcium ions are said to have a stronger positive charge as compared to sodium. On that when the water full of minerals flows from the water softener, those ions relocate the sodium ions sticking to the resin bed.

After the process is done you get water having soluble sodium chloride rather than calcium and magnesium. Now the water will leave no scale buildups and you will have soft water to use.

Water Conditioner

Water conditioner is a process to get soft water as well, but its working is quite different. There are different types of water conditioners available in the market but they are designed to create a catalytic reaction that tends minerals to react accordingly.

Water conditioners do not remove the mineral ions present in hard water it only prevents them from scale build-up inside pipelines and containers. Usually, the process undergoes different techniques of chemistry such as electrolysis, electromagnetism, regular magnetism, electrical induction, template-assisted crystallization, Clark’s process or reverse osmosis. Every water conditioner may vary in a technique according to the setup that is installed built-in in it.

It is not important to see what method are you using to get soft water what matters most is that are you getting rid of hard water or not. For more information and free consultation visit our website Aqua Hygiene water filter.