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Aqua Hygiene Helps in Bacteria Removal

Having access to pure and healthy water is very important for human beings. It is not important that why and how are you using that water, it can be used for different tasks such as drinking, washing, and even for cooking. If you are not getting pure water, hard water will surely damage your health as well as the appliances that you are doing your water-based tasks.

If you are living in Dubai or in any state of UAE you need a water purification system else than any other water solution. Many water companies recommend water solutions such as water conditioners to their clients but it is not an effective solution. Water experts at Aqua Hygiene offer you a variety of water products and suggest you the best solution for your home or office use accordingly.

In this piece of writing, I will share some of the key points that you can keep in mind while deciding what kind of water product you need for your use.

Health Of Your Tap Water

Proper investigation is done by the water expert at Aqua Hygiene. If you are not comfortable in calling a water expert you can do some quick tests at home to examine your water health quickly. You will find different types of bacteria in your tap water. There are chances that you will also get a huge amount of minerals soluble in your water if you are living in Dubai and UAEW chances are very high that you are getting hard water in your tap.

How To Select Right Water Solution

Here is a list of water-related issues that our customers usually face; I also shared a brief explanation to every issue as well.

Presence Of Bacteria, Microbes, and Viruses

Even in the developed countries, there are chances of water contamination. Many bacteria and viruses enter your tap water through water bodies or even the pipelines and contaminate your water that is why it is not just safe to use your tap water directly for drinking purposes. For this, I recommend you install a water purifier with a built-in ultraviolet UV filter enabled in it.

Presence Of Chemicals

The awkward smell in your tap water indicates the presence of a high amount of chemicals in it. These chemicals might be chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and other soluble chemicals in your tap water. For this type of water issue, I will suggest you get a whole house water system. It will prevent your health as well as utensils from getting rust and a better life span.

Scale Build-up Due To Hard Water

As mentioned above consumption of hard water not only spoils your health but also harms your household utensils and appliances. Heavy scale build-up on your sinks and scales on your crockery. You must use a salt-based water softener system to treat hard water. You must notify the scale build-up if it is mild and not heavy you can also use a salt-free water softener system to resolve the issue.

Rust And Iron Marks

If you are experiencing marks of rust and iron on your clothes or other appliances after you wash them. You need to install an iron and hydrogen sulfide removal solution at your place to get rid of the issue.

If you are having more than one water-related issue listed above you should contact us or visit our website Aqua Hygiene to get proper consultation and quote.

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