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Toxins in Water

In the past few years almost all the people came to know the importance of pure water and its benefits. World has seen major water crisis and according to the researchers soon we will face more disastrous drinking water crisis. The main factor of the pure water or drinking water crisis is water pollution. All the toxins in water that are adding up on daily basis by industries and the chemical contamination are making it tougher to control. I will share some of the major toxins that are present in contaminated water and why it is important to filter your drinking water.


Among all the toxins in water arsenic is said to be one of the most lethal toxin that is found in contaminated water. In many water samples from around Dubai and UAE we found arsenic as main toxin. There are mainly two reasons that is why the water in contaminated by arsenic, the first reason is that arsenic is used in pesticides and the use of arsenic based pesticides harm the soil thus the water flowing from it can harm other water bodies. Moreover, the gold storages are deposited with the help of arsenic. Arsenic can be dangerous for your health. With the passage of time you will face diseases like nausea, chronic fatigue and depression.


A common toxin that is found in water in Dubai is lead. The reason that this dangerous element is common in homes is the aging of plumbing system. If you are exposed to lead gradually your plumbing pipes can leak your water supply and it can cause harm to members of your family. Worst thing about lead is that it stays in your body for a long time and it damages your stomach which causes you pain.

Radioactive Elements

In different counties and states, the soil is often used to burry radioactive elements. The main sources of radioactive elements are uranium and radon gas. Worst thing of these radioactive elements is that the presence of these elements in your drinking water can cause severe damage to your health. It is an estimated figure that 1 out of 15 houses are exposed to the unhealthy amount of radon gas. Radon gas is said to be the leading cause of lungs cancer.


You should make sure that there is some healthy amount of fluoride in diet and your drinking water. Fluoride is very helpful for your teeth. Not only teeth but fluoride helps your health overall with different benefits. On the other side if you are using high amount of fluoride in your drinking water or diet it can cause issues such as spots on your teeth.


Cadmium is also a very dangerous toxin present in contaminated water and the prolong use of this element can make you ill such as having high blood pressure and damages to your kidney. If pregnant women are using such contaminated water they will suffer its side effects as well as the baby.

Water Purification Source

The toxins and the worries I shared with you were for the awareness, there is no need to worry at all. In the modern world we are having technology and innovation to do impossible things. At Aqua Hygiene we Aqua Hygiene we recommend latest and most effective water solutions to our customers. Our products are equipped with the latest technology and our water experts are well qualified as well as experienced to know your water needs. After that we suggest a smart and best water solution to you for your house or work place. Feel free to contact us if you have any worries regarding your water condition, keep yourself at ease and let us do all the work for you.


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