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Hard Water And Its Treatment With Water Softener System

hard water, how you treat with water softener

Wherever you live, you may have heard the words such as hard water and soft water regarding water types before. If you are living in areas like the Midwest (Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, Ajman) then you are consuming hard water that is highly unhealthy water in these parts of the country. Let me tell you how bad hard water impact your health.

treatment with water softener system

What exactly is hard water and why is it unhealthy for you? The main thing that impacts water hardness level is the number of minerals like calcium and magnesium in the consumed water. What does hard water looks like? You will be able to see white chalky mineral stains on your water fixtures, as well as spots on your glasses even after washing them. You will also notice low water pressure as the dense quantity of calcium in the water causes scale build-up in your plumbing.

There are no life-taking dangers to health if you are consuming hard water but it can make your skin look dry and hair fall after showering with hard water. Moreover, keep washing your clothes with hard water will make your clothes feel stiff, fade colors and become dull a lot quicker than washing them with soft water.

How Can You Treat Hard Water For Better Use?

The most common way used to treat hard water is with a good and reliable Water Softener system. By this water filtration system, it helps in removing the hard water minerals from your water. As the water passes through the filter system, it goes through a bed of resin that stops the calcium and magnesium impurities and replaces them with sodium ions. This process is called ion exchange.

The water softener system needs salt to function effectively. A separate salt tank is needed to carry water softener salt. This tank is called the brine tank. Their regeneration process takes water from the brine tank carrying the sodium ions and travels to the water softener tank. It cleans the reason and flushes the hard minerals out of the system.

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Are There Drawbacks Of Using a Water Softener System?

If you using hard water, a water softener system is going to give you many benefits that you will experience by yourself. The most important advantage of the softener system is that it will avoid scale build-ups in your fixtures and plumbing. It will automatically result in better water pressure and clean dishes. Talking about your skin! It will give you soft skin without dryness. Your clothes will get brighter. Soft water gives you more leather with soap and it uses less soap on the other hand hard water consumes more soap making less leather.

Getting to know more about the drawbacks of the system as I mentioned above a water softener needs salt to work properly. It means you have to get your water systems serviced with the help of a water expert.  Aqua Hygiene offers free service and replacement of filters and free salt for 1 year from the date of purchase.  Peace of mind from qualified water experts. We generally suggest a service after every 4 months. Service is only needed earlier if your area water quality is too bad. If you are environment friendly you should know the fact that a water softener system wastes about 20 to 25 gallons of water during the regeneration process. On the other side, soft water is still considered a low sodium liquid, there will still be some sodium remaining in it because of the ion exchange process. If you are having an issue with high blood pressure and use a water softener you may want to drink from water purification like a reverse osmosis system, to remove the sodium.

Are There Any Alternatives to a Water Softener System?

As I mentioned a water softener system is the most used product for the treatment of hard water there are other options as well. One option to consider is a water conditioner. Instead of removing the minerals from hard water it simply changes the makeup of the minerals so that they will not stick to your plumbing. It does not give you soft water as such but it can be an alternate.

One more advantage of a water conditioner is that you do not have to buy extra salt tanks as in a water softener system because it is not giving you soft water by ionization. So you can save the cost by water conditioning. Another benefit of water conditioner is that there is no regeneration process in it, so you not wasting any water.

Moreover, a 3 stage whole house water filter system can be a good alternative as well to a water softener. It does the most important thing and helps in preventing scale. You should note a few drawbacks of it as well. Keep in mind that you are not making soft water; this means you will not get all of the benefits like but at least you can enjoy these:

  • No more spots on your dishware after washing them.
  • Using less soap
  • Clothes will remain bright
  • Softer skin and better hair from bathing

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Hard water will not hurt you physically but if you are a homeowner or renter you can be in a trouble and it can even cost you financially down the road. The benefits of making soft water with a water softener system are the best option but if you are thinking of a low-cost system and want to upgrade after testing the water we will recommend you our whole house water filtration options it is also a great suggestion to consider after the opinion of water experts. If you have any questions about water softeners or anything related to water treatment, feel free to give us a call at (971)56 808 5928or check out our website at waterfilterdubai.com.