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Basic Understanding between Water Filter and Water Purifier


As we all know Water is Life and it is a vital component of our daily needs. We need clean, healthy, and pure water to fulfill our daily needs. When we talk about pure water, we take more care in order to make sure its safety and purity. Usually, the terms water purifiers and water filters are used parallel together when it comes to the water purification process. Consumers often get confused about these terms and think that both these terms are the same and can be used in the common dialect.

Although the work of both water purifiers and water filters is mainly to remove the pollutants and impurities from the water there are particular differences between them. This piece of writing will help you understand their difference among each other.

Types of Impurities Removed By Water Filters

First I will mention water filters; they use physical barriers or filters to clear the impurities from the water and filter the water for consumption. This mechanism that is used in water filters is very suitable to clear physical impurities such as dust, silt, sediments, and clay. It also helps in removing other suspended particles and some microbiological organisms such as bacteria and viruses. When these filters are equipped with carbon filters as an add-on, they can take care of the smell of water as well as the chlorine present in water too. The main and most important to know is that these water filters will not be helpful to remove dissolved solids, heavy metals, and other chemical pollutants.

Types of Impurities Removed By Water Purifiers

Talking about the water purifiers, they help in removing the physical impurities and also highly effective in removing surplus TDS (total dissolved solids), heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful chemical impurities from your water. As our daily drinking water passes through old and rusty pipes before reaching us it gets contaminated. Consuming such water can be a threat to your health at danger level. So, we recommend our customers to choose a good quality water purifier for the most effective filtration to get pure water.

Levels of Purification of Water Filters

These machines offer a basic form of filtration. Mostly they use 2 or 3 layers of filtration to provide clean drinking water. These filters are fixed one after another and as water passes through those layers, some certain types of impurities get removed as I mentioned above. Let’s get deeper into the purification offered by water filters these machines are not effective if your water tastes salty, or contains heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

Levels of Purification of Water Purifiers

Water purifiers take care of your water purification on another level and their system of filtration is a much more sophisticated process to purify impure water. The most evolved technologies being RO (reverse osmosis) + UV (ultraviolet) and RO+UV+MF (microfiltration). Different water purifiers come with different levels of filtration and purification. After removing all the mentioned impurities, water purifiers make sure that the textures, taste, and consistency of your water are enhanced and healthy to consume.

Aqua Hygiene offers advanced Aqua 6 Stage Water Purification System, Aqua 7 Stage Water Purification System, and Aqua 8 Stage Water Purification Systems. These technologies make sure that you get 100% safe and sweet tasting water without any harmful viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals.

Difference between Clean and Purified Water

If we talk about clean drinking water it means there are no visible impurities after it is passed from the filtration process. Water may look clean and clear but it never means it is pure.

On the other hand, pure water means that there are no visible or invisible impurities in the water that may harm our drinking water.

The main difference to know is that a water filter can give you clean water, but a water purifier gives you purified drinking water.

Suitability of Water Filters

If you are sure that the water you consume is coming from a natural source and the government authorities are safeguarding the treatment of your water, in that case, you can look for water filters.

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Suitability of Water Purifiers

On the other side, if you are not sure about the source of your water or you think your consumed water is being compromised on its level of health. We suggest our customers get RO water purifier, which is most suited because its water purification system provides the most effective form of water purification.

Advanced Features of Water Filters

Water filters are not too complex and they come with basic features. It needs more manual involvement during its lifespan. A non-electric water filter needs to be filled with water to provide clean drinking water.

Advanced Features of Water Purifiers

These water purifiers are equipped with advanced technologies and features. They have smart systems installed that give an alert at the time of filter replacement, it also displays water purity levels, has indicators when the tank is full, and even signals in case of any electrical issues.

Hope this piece of writing helps you understand the differences between a water filter and a water purifier. For any further queries, feel free to give us a call at (971)56 808 5928 or check out our website at