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Corona virus Not Likely to Enter Your Home Through Water

Corona virus Not Likely to Enter Your Home Through Water

In this era of pandemic and spread of COVID-19 virus everybody is telling to wash your hands properly. This helps in prevention from the spread of invisible bacteria and virus. Moreover, doctors are also suggesting staying hydrated to improve your immune system and to defend corona.

After touching anything in public or at home disinfect or sanitize your hands. With so much information fake and true people are getting confused. Usually they ask us if the water carry corona virus in it which we are consuming. There are no such worries to take, fortunately it is not like that.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the corona virus, is not detected drinking-water or its supplies, on this report we can have some ease of mind that the risk of corona in water supplies is low.

Public water systems are managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); the department is responsible to treat water to remove pathogens like viruses and bacteria. For corona virus it is highly recommended that you should disinfect surfaces and standard treatment and follow disinfectant processes which are said to be highly effective to fight against corona. Moreover, the reports states that UAE can consume tap water for drinking as well.

Many of us and the homeowners who get water from municipality as source should keep that in mind that the chances of getting viruses from that source are higher. The reason is simple because of rusty and unclean water pipelines.  A water specialist at Culligan International shares that we do not usually find viruses in well water. The reason is that virus can only enter the well is there are extreme conditions such as water flood.


People who are worried about the presence of viruses in their drinking water may consider some solutions that can help them to remove viruses from their water. Such solutions are certified home treatment devices. Ultraviolet light and chlorination are recommended devices and processes to clear your water from any virus and highly recommended by Aqua Hygiene water experts.

In this phase of corona virus and in other time as well everybody should test their water according to the microbiological safety annually. By this you can know if there is coliform and E. coli bacteria in your daily consuming water. There is a list of certified laboratories that are performing tests and they are easily available in your county.

People who are getting water from a public sector can contact their provider to make sure is your water treated and how it is treated, then you can analyze the status of your tap water that how much it needs to be treated.

Usually chlorine is used as a major disinfectant in water systems to kill microbiological impurities before the water reaches home taps. The addition of chlorine gives an unpleasant smell and taste but the water remains safe to use. If you do not like chlorine in your water you can easily remove once it kills the germs in your water. Remove the chlorine by activated carbon filters in point of entry home.

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If you want to clear your just your drinking water from chlorine you can use carbon filters and the point of use such as in your kitchen. At aqua Hygiene we also offer reverse osmosis water purifier which is very effective alternative for your issue. It is a more sophisticated technology which helps in removing harmful impurities but maintains the health level of your water and the minerals in it.

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