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Top 10 Questions About Water Softeners – Answered!

Top 10 Questions About Water Softeners

We at Aqua Hygiene listen to our clients and customers very carefully and provide the best answers to their questions as well as solutions regarding hard water softener systems.

Regarding any sale or purchase, many questions arise in our minds. Sometimes we get suitable and satisfactory answers whereas sometimes we still remain in ambiguity and make some decisions that we regret later. In this blog, I will share the top ten water softener faqs that are asked usually by our customers and we love to answer them, so let’s get started.

How can I identify if I have a hard water supply at home?

If your tap is running hard water from it you will be able to see marks of water on the sink or on the glass even after washing. Hard water can also damage pipes even your hair and skin. Keep these things in mind while observing your tap water either it is hard water or soft water:

  • Laundry will get scratchy and stiff with hard water.
  • There will be scales in your tubs and sinks.
  • Your washing machine will be wearing off sooner than your expectations.
  • You will notice the presence of the scalp and itching on your hair.

If you are facing any one of these options given above your taps are running hard water in them, which needs to be treated. To be sure, schedule a FREE DEMO for Aqua Hygiene water purifier and Aqua Hygiene Purifier.

How long a Water Softener system lasts?

If you are taking care of your hard water softener system and get service and maintenance on time, it can last up to 10 to 15 years.

Can you use softened water for drinking purposes?

There are no hard or fast rules that if you can or cannot drink water that is processed by a hard water softener system. Expert’s advice to drink purified water which is processed by water purifiers.

How can I know if the water softener system’s salt level is low?

As the technology is growing the products we have are user-friendly and are designed to ease users. There is an indicator in the system that will help you know that the salt level in your hard water softener system is running low. Once you start using the processed water you will always get to know yourself with the quality of the water.

When hard water softener system needs service?

If the water pressure is dropping a lot and your hard water softener system sounds like it is continuously running, this is the time you have to check for maintenance or its service.

Which size of water softener will be suitable for my home needs?

One basic thing to remember is that whenever you are examining the amount of processed water that you need. Firstly multiply the total number of your home members by eighty. It is the average amount of water used per person as gallons daily. Then multiply it with the hard grains you detect with the help of a test. This calculation will give you the exact size of the hard water softener system that you need to install in your home.

What type of salt should I use in my water softener?

The hard water softener system works efficiently with the salts of sodium or potassium chloride. If you want it, you can hate it easily and sodium is very cheap so it is suitable.

Using a hard water softener, will it improve my hair and skin?

Yes, it will help your skin to glow and your hair to shine because the processed water from the water system controls the harmful minerals and converts hard water to useable water.

What is the price range of a good water softener?

It mostly depends on the size and technology of the product. We at Aqua hygiene have a full range of water solutions. Aqua Hygiene hard Water Softener and Washing Machine Water Softener ranging from 4500 to 12,000 AED.

Why should you choose Aqua Hygiene Hard Water Softener?

Our Water Softener systems are designed well to give you the best water to use. With our original non-electric valve and on-demand restoration, you can get an unlimited flow of soft water. Visit our site to explore our complete range of hard water softeners.

These were some frequently asked questions by our customers regarding water softening and water solutions for hard water. I hope these were helpful for you.

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  1. It's nice to know that a water softener system can actually last for more than a decade. I'm thinking about getting such a system set up in my home soon because my husband recently suffered from diarrhea and his doctor suspects that it was caused by contaminated drinking water. It would be best to make sure that doesn't happen again in my home.

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