Whole House Water Filtration

Whole House Water Solution Life

Whole House Water Solution Life

The whole house water solution is one of the most liked and used products by our customers. It is one of the most favorite and helpful products of our customers. Aqua Hygiene comes with a promise of spreading safe and healthy water in Dubai and other states of UAE. We deal with the most efficient and up-to-date technology-equipped water solutions. Just like other appliances and machines, our customers also ask about the life span of our water products. I will also be sharing the factors on which the life span of water products depends.

Storage Capacity

Talking about water filter storage capacity, it has to do deal with its life. In Dubai and different states of the UAE, the life of a whole house water filter varies with the storage capacity of its mechanism. There are two main storage-based varieties in the market right now one contains FB 300 and the other products contain FB 1000. Products having a capacity of FB 300 are done after 300,000 gallons of processing water or in a maximum of three years. On the other hand water filters having FB 1000 can last up to ten years or even more and have the ability to process 1,000,000 gallons of water.

Your Daily Consumption

After the factor of water storage, it is very important to observe what is your daily consumption or requirement of processing or filtering water. If your needs with the entire home water solutions are less even though you are using a product having three years of life, it will last longer than three years.

On the other side, if you installed a big storage water filter and your water consumption is more than usual as average, it is possible that you will be going to change the product before its expiry date.


Some of the products do not use salt to process your tap water, these products are capable to last for up to six years. But keep in mind the main factor is that how you are using the product and what are your requirements.

On-Time Maintenance

If you have something of good quality and you take good care of it, it will be yours forever. This is a famous saying, but although we are dealing with machines in our business. It is very important to keep a check on the product that you are using and remember when it needs to get services also take note of the maintenance of it. If you are careless and not giving attention to its service and maintenance maybe you will have to new product before its life span ends.

Water Expert Consultation

When you are considering getting consultation or help from a water expert please keep three things in mind as the qualification of the water professional. First, the expert should know well about the water quality of the area you live or work in. Secondly, go to the professional who is already experienced in dealing with water issues rather than you go to a person being his first customer. The third and most important thing check what people are saying about him, reviews or references. If you get all the things straight that means your water’s health is in safe hands. Same like that the care of your full home water solution will be done greatly.

Aqua Hygiene Providing Water Solutions and Consultancy

Our dedicated and hard-working professionals of Whole House water Solution are always ready to help people to get their water products according to their needs as well as the help they are willing to get about their worries regarding water. You can contact our experienced professionals at Aqua Hygiene water filter anytime you want to. We also offer water conditioning and water purification solutions for both your home and your workplace.